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Defence NewsIndian Army patrol discovers a US aircraft that was used in World...

Indian Army patrol discovers a US aircraft that was used in World War II in Arunachal

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New Delhi: Apart from safeguarding the national interest, the Indian Army patrol has also saved historical wreckage that has a vintage value from the depths of snow and oblivion: the remnants of a US Air Force aircraft that was used in World War II. A-12 member Indian Army patrol, along with a police representative, recovered the wreckage in Roing district of Arunachal Pradesh on March 30.

According to an official press release, the patrol located the aircraft debris covered by thick undergrowth and buried under five feet of snow. Based on the information received from local trekkers of Lower Dibang district through the police, a special patrol of Army was sent to locate the wreckage in a remote location, 30 km from Roing.

The patrol moved cross country for 30 kilometres in thick jungles and snow-covered areas for eight days to trace out the wreckage.

The region had seldom been ventured by anyone in the past and is even obscured from the air due to thick foliage. The discovery of the vintage aircraft and other warlike stores will definitely lead to the revelation of some historical inputs.

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